Tip Creep

What does Tip Creep mean?

More services leading to increased tips

Tip creep is the growing trend where more and more businesses are encouraging customers to tip for services. This includes professions like serving, bartending, food delivery, and even nannying.

It’s not just about the types of services, either. ‘Tip creep’ can also mean that the suggested tip percentage on your bill is getting bigger and bigger.

This term really started to catch on in January 2023. There were a few reasons for this.

It’s worth noting that ‘tip creep’ is part of a bigger conversation around tipping. Other related terms you might hear are tip fatigue and tipflation.

Example for using ‘Tip Creep’ in a conversation

Hey, have you noticed how tipping has become more expected lately?

Yeah, it’s like there’s a ‘tip creep’ happening everywhere!

Exactly! Now, it’s not just restaurants, but also delivery drivers and even nannies!

I know, it’s getting a bit overwhelming. It feels like we’re expected to tip for every little thing.