Tip Fatigue

What does Tip Fatigue mean?

Getting tired of always having to tip workers

Tip fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion experienced by patrons due to the constant expectation of leaving a gratuity for services. This term gained traction in January 2023 when inflation made tipping increasingly burdensome for customers, on top of the already escalating costs of goods and services.

Not only has the economic climate contributed to tip fatigue, but changes in the way tips are collected have also played a significant role. Instead of traditional tip jars, digital checkout screens have become commonplace, often suggesting a tip of 20% or more. This change has led to a sense of obligation to tip a certain amount, regardless of the quality of service, and fear of judgement from other people.

Furthermore, establishments that previously didn’t ask for tips, like quick-service restaurants, have started to do so, adding to the overall fatigue. As a result, many patrons have started to limit their outings to avoid the extra expense. This phenomenon of tip fatigue has highlighted the changing dynamics of service industry tipping practices.

Example for using ‘Tip Fatigue’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so tired of tipping everyone these days. It’s getting exhausting. 😩

I totally get it! It’s like we’re expected to tip everywhere we go. πŸ’Έ

Exactly! And with prices going up, it’s harder to afford those extra tips. πŸ˜“

I know, right? I’ve actually been cutting down on eating out because of it. πŸ”