Title Gore

What does Title Gore mean?

When the title of a forum post is really bad, it’s ‘Title Gore’

Title Gore is a phrase you’ll come across when a forum post has a title that doesn’t make much sense, or is incredibly lengthy. It can be off-putting, just like seeing something gruesome or gory in real life can be. The term reflects how the language in the title can seem mishandled, twisted, or violated.

The term is used a lot on Reddit, where users have even created a dedicated subreddit, r/titlegore, to share examples of particularly ‘gory’ titles. But it’s not just a Reddit thing. You’ll find title gore on pretty much any forum, because many people aren’t great at coming up with concise, clear titles for their posts.

So, if you spend time on forums that use post titles, chances are you’ll encounter title gore sooner or later. And you’ll definitely see other users commenting on it, as it’s a common topic of discussion.

Example for using ‘Title Gore’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new post on the forum?

Yeah, I just saw it. The title is so long and confusing!

I know, right? It’s a classic case of title gore.

Definitely! I expected a clear and concise title, not this mess.