What does TKL stand for?


A TKL, or tenkeyless, keyboard is a smaller version of a standard keyboard that doesn’t include a number pad. Also known as 80% keyboards, these are approximately 80% the size of a regular keyboard due to the reduced number of keys.

These compact keyboards are particularly popular among gamers, software developers, and writers who prefer to maximize their desk space. TKL keyboards offer a space-saving alternative to standard keyboards without compromising on essential keys.

Interestingly, there are even smaller keyboard options available, like the 75% or 65% keyboards. However, these keyboards often either squeeze keys closer together or eliminate additional keys, such as the function keys. Hence, TKL keyboards are usually the most preferred choice when it comes to non-standard keyboard sizes.

Example for using ‘TKL’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new keyboard!

Nice! What kind is it?

It’s a TKL keyboard.

TKL? What does that mean?

It stands for Tenkeyless. It’s smaller than a regular keyboard because it doesn’t have a number pad.