What does Tlk mean?


Tlk is a shortened version of the word “talk”. It is a quick and efficient way to say “talk”, saving you a letter when typing. This term is often seen in text messages and online chats, used as both a verb and a noun. For instance, someone might ask “Did you catch the latest movie tlk?”

If someone requests to tlk, they’re usually asking for a voice conversation, either in person or through technological means such as phone calls or video chats. However, tlk can also refer to written communication, like text messages or direct messages on social media platforms.

For example, your dad might send you a text saying, “Can we tlk when you get home?” Alternatively, a buddy of yours might send you a message saying, “Ping me on Instagram, we need to tlk!”

Example for using ‘Tlk’ in a conversation

Hey! Can we tlk later? I have something important to discuss. 😊

Sure! How about after dinner? We can tlk then. 🍽️

Sounds good! Let’s tlk on the phone. πŸ“ž

Perfect! Can’t wait to tlk to you. Talk to you soon! πŸ˜„