What does Tlkin mean?

‘Tlkin’ means ‘Talking’

You might stumble upon the term ‘tlkin’ in many instances. It’s a shorter version of the word “talking” and is commonly used in text messages or online chats. For instance, if your pal, Jessica, is busy on a call and can’t respond to your texts right now, she might respond with “bz tlkin to sis, ttyl.”

Another scenario could be a colleague of yours, Mark, sharing some hot news at work. He might say “heard they’re tlkin about letting some people go soon.” The term ‘tlkin’ is commonly used in such contexts where brevity is needed without losing the meaning.

The term ‘tlkin’ is derived from the word ‘tlk.’ Both these abbreviations drop the letter “a” from the actual word. It’s interesting to note that ‘talking’ is a present progressive form of the verb ‘talk.’ It is used to indicate that someone is in the act of speaking or chatting at that specific moment.

Example for using ‘Tlkin’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Sorry, bz tlkin w/my mom. Can we chat later?

Sure, no problem! Just let me know when you’re available.

Thanks, will do! 😊