What does TM stand for?


Typically, TM is an abbreviation for the term ‘trademark’. It’s used to denote a unique word, logo, symbol, or design that belongs to a specific person or business and can’t be utilized by others in the same industry. Take for example, the ‘golden arches’ logo of McDonald’s or the phrase ‘I’m lovin’ it’, they’re both trademarked, stopping others in the fast-food space from using them.

In a more casual setting, TM is also used to highlight someone’s distinctive traits or habits. It could be a friend’s catchphrase, their unique style of dressing, or even a behavior pattern they’re known for. Let’s say your friend Bob is known for his bad jokes, another friend, Tina, might remark, “His TM jokes are just unbearable.”

Example for using ‘TM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new logo Nike released?

Yeah, the one with the swoosh? That’s their TM.

Exactly! It means no one else can use it.

Makes sense. It’s their trademark.