What does TMA stand for?

Take my advice

TMA is a short form widely used on the internet and in text messages, standing for “Take my advice”. It’s another way of saying, “Trust me…” or “Believe what I’m saying…”.

The phrase is often used by people who feel they have a better understanding or knowledge about a situation. They start with the acronym TMA and then share their opinion or suggestion, which often might be more relevant to their own experiences.

However, it’s not always used by know-it-alls. There are sincere individuals who use TMA as well. Therefore, it might be a good idea not to instantly ignore the advice that follows the acronym in a text or online interaction.

Example for using ‘TMA’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking about dying my hair purple. What do you think?

TMA, but I don’t think that color would suit you. Stick to your natural color!