What does TMAI stand for?

Tell me about it

When someone texts you TMAI, they’re likely to be in your corner, having been through a similar tough situation themselves. It’s a supportive slang term that stands for ‘tell me about it’. It’s a way of saying ‘I understand and I’m here for you’.

Just like BTDT which means ‘been there, done that’, TMAI is a way to show empathy. It’s like a virtual nod, an acknowledgement that they get where you’re coming from because they’ve experienced something similar.

But, TMAI isn’t only used to show sympathy. Sometimes, it’s also used as a direct request to get more information. For instance, if you text your friend, “I had the worst day ever”, and they reply with “TMAI”, they’re asking you to share more about what happened.

So, the next time you see TMAI in a text, remember it could either be a sign of understanding and empathy or a simple request to share more details. Context is key in figuring out which one it is.

Example for using ‘TMAI’ in a conversation

Hey, I had the worst day at work today. My boss was so unreasonable!


I know, right? It’s like they don’t even care about our feelings.

Exactly! It’s so frustrating when they expect us to do the impossible.