What does TNF stand for in Football?

Thursday Night Football

TNF is a common abbreviation you may hear around sports fans, especially those who enjoy American football. It’s an acronym used for the weekly broadcast of NFL games that take place on Thursday evenings.

Several networks, such as the NFL Network, CBS, and occasionally NBC, air these games. It’s a term you might hear in discussions about the schedule of televised matches, or in conversations about last night’s game.

Just like MNF (Monday Night Football) and SNF (Sunday Night Football), TNF represents the day of the week when the broadcast happens. The ‘T’ stands for Thursday, the ‘N’ stands for Night, and the ‘F’ stands for Football.

Example for using ‘TNF’ in a conversation

Hey, are you watching TNF tonight? 🏈

Yeah, definitely! Who’s playing? πŸ€”

It’s the Steelers vs. the Ravens. Should be a good game! πŸ˜ƒ

Awesome! I’ll grab some snacks and be ready for kickoff! 🍿🍺