What does TOL mean?

Thinking of laughing

When you see ‘TOL’ in a message, it doesn’t mean the person is really on the verge of laughing. More often than not, it’s used in a sarcastic manner to imply that your joke wasn’t funny at all.

Imagine this, a buddy of yours, let’s call him Jim, just sent you a joke that he found hilarious, but you didn’t find it amusing. Instead of forcing a laugh, you respond with ‘TOL’. This basically tells Jim that you didn’t find his joke funny.

However, there might be those rare occasions where ‘TOL’ is used genuinely. For instance, a student named Sarah, sitting through a hilariously bad lecture might text you “TOL at this professor; can’t hold back my laughter.” But these instances are very, very rare.

So, to sum it up, while ‘TOL’ technically means ‘Thinking of Laughing’, most of the time it’s used to convey the opposite. Your joke didn’t land and the person you sent it to is anything but amused.

Example for using ‘TOL’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new comedy movie? It was hilarious! πŸ˜‚

TOL… πŸ™„