What does Tool mean?

Self-centered jerk

If someone tags you as a tool, they’re basically saying you’re acting like a major jerk. It’s an insult often thrown at guys who are showing off an inflated ego and behaving in a way that’s not cool.

Historically, the term tool was used to describe someone who was easily manipulated by others, much like how you’d use a mechanical tool. Yet, over time, the word evolved.

This change happened when the word ‘tool’ started being used to refer to a particular male body part. Pretty soon, it also started being used to describe men who acted like that part of their body.

That’s how tool became a slang term used to describe men who are toxic, dumb, overpowering, or just plain insensitive.

Example for using ‘Tool’ in a conversation

Ugh, did you hear what Mike said to me today?

What did he say?

He actually had the audacity to tell me that I should be grateful he’s even talking to me!

Wow, what a tool! He seriously needs to get off his high horse.