What does Tourney mean?

‘Tourney’ is slang for ‘Tournament’

Meet ‘Tourney’, a cool and catchy way to say ‘tournament’. Be it fans, players, or those giving the play-by-play, people use ‘Tourney’ as an alternate to the word ‘tournament’. The term became popular for two simple reasons – ‘tournament’ is quite a mouthful and ‘Tourney’ is just more fun to say.

Tourney is a versatile term. It can refer to any competition where individuals or teams face off for a grand prize. Whether it’s sports tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, online gaming showdowns, or even the nerve-wracking spelling bees, ‘Tourney’ covers them all.

There’s an interesting piece of trivia associated with ‘Tourney’. In olden times, it was not just a noun but a verb too. ‘To tourney’ meant to participate in a tournament. Although it’s rarely used as a verb these days, it’s a fun usage that could do with a revival. So, why not give it a try?

Example for using ‘Tourney’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the tourney last night? πŸ€

Yes, it was intense! I love watching basketball tournaments. πŸŽ‰

I know, right? Tourneys always bring out the best in teams. πŸ†

Definitely! I can’t wait for the next tourney. Let’s watch it together! 🀩