Trade Bait

What does Trade Bait mean?

A top-notch player other teams want to trade for

When we say ‘Trade Bait’, we’re talking about a player who’s really good at what they do in sports. Other teams see this player and think, “Hey, they would make a great addition to our team!”

This term is a big deal in sports, but it’s super popular in fantasy sports. That’s because in fantasy sports, players get traded all the time.

So how does ‘Trade Bait’ work? Well, imagine you have a player that’s not so hot. Maybe they’re not performing well or they have a big contract that’s weighing you down. You can use your ‘Trade Bait’ to make this less appealing player look a bit more attractive.

In other words, you dangle your ‘Trade Bait’ in front of other teams. You’re saying, “I’m willing to trade this awesome player… but you have to take this other player, too“. This is why ‘Trade Bait’ is often put on the trading block. It’s a way of letting other teams know you’re open for business.

Example for using ‘Trade Bait’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that trade in the NBA?

Yeah, which one are you talking about?

The one where they traded a really good player for some draft picks.

Oh, you mean they used him as trade bait?

Exactly! They knew other teams would want him, so they used him to get some other players in return.