What does Tranna mean?

Attempting to

Tranna is a shortened form of the phrase “trying to”. People often use this term in online chat or text messages. Imagine a scenario where a celebrity might tell their buddy, “I’m tranna get famous, but it’s not happening fast enough.”

Mostly, tranna is used in personal messages like texts or Direct Messages (DMs). But, it’s not uncommon to see it in posts on social platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Tranna is part of a larger trend of slang abbreviations that combine two or more words. This includes terms like gonna (going to), imma (I’m gonna), and wanna (want to).

Example for using ‘Tranna’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the new Marvel movie?

No, not yet. Tranna watch it this weekend though.

It’s supposed to be really good! Tranna join me?

Definitely! Tranna get some popcorn too. 🍿