What does Traumaversary mean?

Date marking a past traumatic event

A traumaversary is a slang term that refers to the anniversary of a traumatic event in someone’s life. This could be any event that had a significant emotional impact, such as the death of a family member or a parents’ divorce. It’s commonly used on social media platforms where people share personal stories or seek support.

For instance, a user on Facebook might post, “Today marks my traumaversary. It’s been a tough year since my mom passed away unexpectedly, but I’m learning to cope.” Another individual might ask for advice on a forum like Quora, with the question, “Any tips for handling a traumaversary?”

Interestingly, the term can also be used in a lighthearted manner to reference events that were unpleasant but not necessarily traumatic. A fan of a popular Netflix series might tweet about the traumaversary of their favorite characters breaking up. Or someone might comment on the traumaversary of a particularly embarrassing celebrity moment they found cringeworthy, like the infamous “Imagine” video by Gal Gadot.

Example for using ‘Traumaversary’ in a conversation

Hey, remember what happened a year ago today?

Oh, you mean my traumaversary? Yeah, hard to forget.

I know, it must still be tough. How are you coping?

I’ve definitely made progress, but it still hits me hard sometimes.