What does Trekkie mean?

Someone who is a big fan of Star Trek

A Trekkie is someone who is a super fan of the “Star Trek” series. This could be any of the TV shows or even the movies. They’re often proud to identify themselves as nerds or geeks.

It’s not uncommon for a Trekkie to get decked out in Star Trek gear for events like comic book conventions or movie openings. They like to show off their love for the series through their costumes.

Many Trekkies also have vast collections of “Star Trek” toys and other collectibles. They might even dedicate a special area in their home, like their parents’ basement, to display their impressive collection.

Another term used to describe a Trekkie is a Trekker.

Example for using ‘Trekkie’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the comic con this weekend?

Yeah, I am. I’ve got my Spock costume ready and all.

Wow, you’re such a Trekkie!

Guilty as charged! Can’t wait to meet other Star Trek fans there.