What does Triggered mean?

Pissed off

Being ‘Triggered’ is a slang expression that often refers to someone who is easily upset or angered. It’s an indication of a person who is filled with intense emotions, typically negative, such as anger or hate. This term became widely used around 2016 as a way to label individuals who are easily irritable.

The origin of the term ‘Triggered’ comes from the action of pulling a trigger on a gun or setting off a trap. Just like a gun or trap is set off when the trigger is released, a person is said to be ‘triggered’ when they suddenly explode in anger or frustration. It suggests a personality that can be easily agitated or someone who is currently on the verge of an emotional outburst.

Furthermore, if a person is ‘triggered’, they may be seen as an easy target for online trolls or griefers. These troublemakers on the internet often prey on those who are easily upset, using it as a way to provoke a reaction. So, being ‘triggered’ can also imply vulnerability to such online attacks.

Example for using ‘Triggered’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe what I just saw on social media. 😡

What happened? You seem triggered. 😮

This person was spreading hate and it really got to me. It’s so frustrating. 😤

I understand. It’s tough to see that kind of stuff. Just take a break and try not to let it get to you. 🙏