What does Trippin mean?

Experiencing hallucinations

‘Trippin’ is a widely used slang term, especially popular among those who use acid – a type of hallucinogenic drug. When someone is ‘trippin’, they’re usually having a reaction to the drug that’s causing them to see things that aren’t there.

In this state, these hallucinations feel incredibly real to the person experiencing them, which often leads to them freaking out. It’s a term that’s also sometimes written as ‘tripping’.

So, when you hear someone saying that someone else is ‘trippin’, it could either mean that the person is under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug like acid and is having a distorted perception of reality, or they are overreacting in a situation.

Example for using ‘Trippin’ in a conversation

Dude, that party last night was insane!

Yeah, I heard someone was trippin’ hard.

For real? Who?

I don’t know, but they were freaking out over a chair thinking it was a monster.