What does Trumpette mean?

A woman who backs Donald Trump

A Trumpette is usually a label given to a female who backs the former U.S. President, Donald J. Trump. This term is often used on social media platforms, especially on Twitter, and is generally used in a derogatory manner towards these supporters.

The term gained momentum back in 2016 when the presidential elections were in full swing. Some of the female supporters of Trump adopted this term with pride, similar to how the term “deplorables” was popularized by Nancy Patterson.

The use of the term Trumpette has become quite common, and it continues to be used widely to refer to female supporters of Trump, especially on social media.

Example for using ‘Trumpette’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that tweet from the Trumpette?

Yeah, I saw it. She’s such a big supporter of Trump!

I know, right? She’s always defending him on social media.

It’s crazy how passionate she is about him.