What does Trumpism mean?

A term made famous by Donald Trump

Trumpism is a unique term that found its way into popular culture thanks to Donald Trump. It refers to phrases, words or expressions that have been created or popularized by him, such as “yuge” and “bigly”.

Donald Trump has a reputation for his distinctive style of communication and disregard for political correctness. His colorful language often leads to catchy sound bites that get a lot of media attention.

As a result, the term Trumpism was born. It’s used to label the unique words or phrases he introduces or popularizes. It’s a reflection of his unique way of speaking and his ability to grab people’s attention with his words.

Example for using ‘Trumpism’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Trump’s latest speech?

Yeah, he always has some interesting things to say. Gotta love his Trumpisms!

Haha, true! Remember when he said “bigly” instead of “big”? Classic Trumpism!

Oh yeah, that was hilarious! His unique way of speaking definitely grabs attention.