What does Trumpshake mean?

A handshake that goes on for too long is called a ‘Trumpshake’

Ever been stuck in a handshake that seems to drag on for an eternity? This is what we call a Trumpshake. The term originates from the peculiar style of handshake of a former U.S. President, known for his excessively long grips that often cross the line into the awkward zone.

A Trumpshake doesn’t necessarily have to happen between two people who know each other well. In fact, it’s more common in situations where two people have just been introduced. You might find yourself caught in a Trumpshake at a social event or in a professional setting, such as a business meeting.

The blame for a Trumpshake doesn’t always fall on one person. Sometimes, it’s a result of a power struggle, with neither participant willing to be the first to break the contact. It could be a competitive colleague trying to assert dominance, or a new acquaintance who just doesn’t understand personal boundaries.

But be warned, a Trumpshake can be a real nightmare for people who are wary of germs. So, the next time you’re in a handshake, be sure to keep it short and sweet. No one wants to get stuck in a Trumpshake.

Example for using ‘Trumpshake’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that awkward handshake I told you about?

Oh yeah, the Trumpshake!

Exactly! Well, guess what happened today…

What happened?

I met this new colleague, and when we shook hands, it turned into a full-blown Trumpshake!

No way! How long did it last?

It felt like an eternity, at least 20 seconds! I didn’t know when to let go!

Haha, that sounds super awkward. Did they finally release your hand?

Yeah, eventually. But let’s just say I won’t be shaking hands with them anytime soon.