What does TSFW stand for?

Totally safe for work

TSFW is a widely used acronym in digital communications like emails, texts, and online chats, which stands for “totally safe for work.” When someone uses TSFW, it means the linked content is safe to open at your workplace, as it doesn’t have any inappropriate or offensive material. It’s something that you could even share with your manager or colleagues without any worry.

This term is the opposite of NSFW, another acronym which means “not safe for work.” NSFW links are those that lead to content that may be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for a professional environment. TSFW and NSFW are essentially indicators of the appropriateness of the content for a workplace setting.

However, there’s a slight catch. Some people use TSFW to imply “technically safe for work,” which is a bit different from “totally safe for work.” In this context, the content might not be entirely appropriate for work but doesn’t cross the line into NSFW territory. Therefore, it’s better to view TSFW content privately first before deciding to share it with others at your workplace.

Example for using ‘TSFW’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the latest meme I just found?

No, show me! But is it safe for work? πŸ€”

Yes, it’s TSFW! No worries, you can open it here at the office. πŸ˜„

Awesome, let’s see what you’ve got! πŸ˜‚