What does TT2T stand for?

Too tired to talk

Imagine it’s been a long day and you’re simply wiped out. In such a condition, you might not be in the mood for a long chat. That’s when the slang term TT2T, meaning “too tired to talk”, comes into play. It’s a quick shorthand to let someone know that you’re just not up for a discussion at the moment.

For instance, let’s say you message your buddy, Alex, just as he wraps up a grueling shift at work. He might send back a text saying he’s TT2T. This is his way of saying he’d rather unwind, perhaps with a hot shower or a nap, before getting into any serious chat.

It’s not that Alex doesn’t want to talk to you. He’s just too exhausted for it right now. So, if you have any lengthy issues to discuss, it’s probably best to save them for another day when Alex is more refreshed and ready to engage.

Example for using ‘TT2T’ in a conversation

Hey, did you want to grab dinner tonight?

I wish I could, but I’m TT2T 😴

No worries, we can go another time. Get some rest!

Thanks, I really need it. Talk to you tomorrow! πŸ’€