What does TTR stand for?

Time to relax

TTR is a handy acronym that stands for “Time to relax”. People use it as a quick and convenient way to say they’re looking to kick back and unwind. You’ll mostly see it in text messages or on the internet.

This acronym is versatile and can be used in many situations. Maybe you’ve wrapped up your workday, you’ve finished doing chores at home, or you’ve completed all your errands. It can also mean you’re ready to chill with some Netflix time.

TTR is popular among teenagers and young adults, but it’s not widespread. So, if you decide to use it, you might need to explain what it means – even if you’re chatting with young people.

Example for using ‘TTR’ in a conversation

Hey, I just finished my last class for the day! πŸŽ‰

Nice! TTR? 😎

Definitely! I’m so ready to relax and do nothing for a while. 😌

Haha, I feel you! Enjoy your chill time! πŸ‘