What does TTRPG stand for?

Tabletop role-playing game

TTRPG stands for tabletop role-playing game. These games are usually played in person by a group of people sitting around a table and engaging in a narrative adventure. The main idea is to use spoken words and imagination to create immersive stories and gameplay.

Generally in a TTRPG, there’s one individual who takes on the role of the game master (GM) or dungeon master (DM). This person guides the narrative and sets challenges for the other players. The other participants play as characters, engaging with the story and resolving the obstacles presented by the GM. Together, they all contribute to a shared and compelling narrative.

While traditionally these games are played in person, many groups have adapted to playing online, especially with the rise of digital tools. Popular platforms like Tabletopia and Fantasy Grounds recreate the experience of a physical table, enabling long-distance play. Nevertheless, there’s a unique thrill to rolling a physical dice on a table and sharing the anticipation of the result with your friends.

Example for using ‘TTRPG’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you ever played a TTRPG before?

Yeah, I love playing tabletop role-playing games!

That’s awesome! What’s your favorite TTRPG?

Definitely Dungeons & Dragons. It’s so much fun!