What does TTS stand for?

Tabletop Simulator

When you hear gamers use the term TTS, they’re talking about Tabletop Simulator. This sought-after video game is a favorite among board and card game enthusiasts. It lets them play a range of games online and even lets them design and try out their own games.

What’s cool about TTS is that it can host up to ten players at a virtual table. This feature makes it ideal for those who want to organize a gaming night with friends but prefer to stay home.

TTS hit the gaming scene in June 2014 and has since become a must-have for many gamers. Not only can you play games that don’t have any royalties, but you can also design your own.

For those who are interested in officially-licensed games, TTS has got you covered. You can purchase and play TTS versions of well-known games like Cosmic Encounter, Wingspan, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Example for using ‘TTS’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of TTS?

Yeah, it stands for Tabletop Simulator, right? 🎮

Exactly! It’s a cool video game where you can play board and card games online. 🃏

That sounds awesome! Can we host a virtual game night with it? 🏠