What does TTUL stand for?

Talk to you later

TTUL is a simple twist on the more commonly known slang “TTYL,” which translates to “talk to you later.” It’s a quick way to sign off from a chat or a text conversation when you need to step out.

The “later” in TTUL is quite flexible and can refer to different time intervals. It might mean a few minutes, like when you’re taking a short break, or it could be a few hours if you’re heading into a meeting or a class. It can even stretch to a few days, for instance, when you’re signing off for the weekend.

TTUL is part of a larger family of “TTYL” related slang. Some other examples include “T2UL,” “t2ul8r,” and “TTYLMF.” These variations offer different ways to say the same thing, adding a little variety to your digital conversations.

Example for using ‘TTUL’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s it going?

Hey! I’m good, just finished my workout. You?

Nice! I’m just chilling at home. Wanna catch up later?

Sure! I have to run some errands, but I’ll be free in a couple of hours. TTUL!