What does TTYIAM stand for?

Talk to you in a minute

If you’re saying a quick goodbye to a friend over text or online chat and you’re about to see them in person, you can use the slang term ‘TTYIAM’. This acronym is a unique take on the more commonly used ‘TTYL’ acronym.

For example, if you’re chatting with your friend Sam on your computer and you’re about to catch up in person, or if you’re texting your buddy Alex and you’re almost at his place, you can use ‘TTYIAM’.

If you don’t feel the need to be so specific, there are other options like ‘TTYIAB’, ‘TTYVS’, or ‘TTYS’. These acronyms still imply you’ll be talking to the person later. But if you’re really mad at someone and don’t plan on talking to them again, you can use ‘TTYN’.

Example for using ‘TTYIAM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you almost here?

Yeah, just a minute away! TTYIAM.

No problem, see you soon! 🚗

Can’t wait! ğŸŽ‰