What does TTYLXOX mean?

Talk to you later, hugs and kisses

TTYLXOX is a cool mix of two popular acronyms used in texting and online chatting. TTYL stands for Talk to You Later and XOX symbolizes Kiss, Hug, Kiss.

This slang term gained more fame because of a song by the same name. The song was performed by a well-known artist named Bella. Remember, whenever you see TTYLXOX, you’re essentially saying “Talk to you later, hugs and kisses”.

So, next time you’re in a hurry and want to say goodbye in a fun way, just drop a TTYLXOX. It’s quick, easy, and adds a bit of affection to your message.

Example for using ‘TTYLXOX’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tonight?

Sorry, I can’t. I have to finish some work.

No worries! TTYLXOX

TTYLXOX too! Have a great night!