What does TTYVS stand for?

Talk to you very soon

TTYVS is a handy acronym that stands for “talk to you very soon”. This is like a quick version of TTYS, or “talk to you soon,” but implies you’ll be chatting again even sooner.

Mostly, people use TTYVS when they need to end a conversation for a little while, but plan on picking it back up soon. This might be because they’re about to head into a meeting, or start a task that needs their full attention.

Once they’re done with whatever they’re doing, they’ll be ready to chat again. TTYVS could also be used when you’re planning to meet up with someone in person, and want to stop texting or messaging before you see each other.

Remember, TTYVS is best saved for casual situations. It’s not the kind of thing you’d want to use in a formal email or professional setting.

Example for using ‘TTYVS’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat right now? πŸ“±

Sorry, can’t talk at the moment. Going into a meeting. πŸ˜”

No worries! TTYVS! Have a great meeting! 😊

Thanks! TTYVS too! Speak to you very soon! πŸ€—