What does TU stand for?

Thank you

If you ever see ‘TU’ in a text message or online, it’s just a quick way to say thank you. It’s not as common as some other text abbreviations for thanks, but it’s used in the same way.

For instance, let’s say your neighbor, Lisa, watered your plants while you were out of town. You might send her a message that says, “TU! You’re a lifesaver!” Or, if your colleague, John, emailed you a report you needed, you could reply, “TU for the report.”

There’s a bunch of different ways to say thanks in a text or online message. Some people use ‘thx’, ‘tx’, ’10x’, ‘TQ’, or ‘TYVM’. But ‘TU’ works just as well, and it’s super easy to type out.

Example for using ‘TU’ in a conversation

Hey, can you pick up some milk on your way home? πŸ₯›

Sure, no problem! TU for reminding me. πŸ™

No worries! TU in advance. πŸ€—

Gotcha! I’ll grab it for you. See you soon! 😊