What does Turnt mean?

Pumped up

When someone says they’re Turnt, it’s safe to assume they’re pretty excited. This slang has its roots in the phrase ‘turnt up’. It’s often used when someone is having a blast at a party or club.

Not just limited to expressing excitement, ‘Turnt’ has another, slightly wilder, meaning. If a person is acting outlandishly or seems a bit too high-spirited, they might be Turnt. This usually implies that they’ve had a bit too much to drink or might be under the influence of drugs.

So, whether someone’s just having a great time or may have had one too many, they can be described as Turnt. It’s a versatile term that adds a bit more flavor to describing a party scene!

Example for using ‘Turnt’ in a conversation

Hey, how was the party last night?

It was so turnt! The music was loud and everyone was dancing.

Sounds like you had a good time.

Yes, I was totally turnt. Can’t wait for the next one!