What does Tweenager mean?

A child who is almost a teenager

A tweenager is an individual who is not quite a teenager but has outgrown the ‘child’ category. This term is usually used for kids aged between 9 and 12. It’s the phase where a child is on the brink of stepping into the teenage years.

The word ‘tweenager’ is a mash-up of “between” and “teenager”, pointing to those in-between years. It became a common term in the early 2000s to give a name to these unique and often challenging years. A tweenager is experiencing, or just about to experience puberty, a time that significantly changes their body and sense of social identity.

While ‘tweenager’ is typically used to label this specific age group, it can also be used more broadly to describe a person’s youthful spirit, irrespective of their actual age. If someone appears or behaves in a way that is perpetually youthful, they might be called a tweenager.

Example for using ‘Tweenager’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you seen Sarah lately?

Yeah, I saw her yesterday. She’s growing up so fast!

I know right! She’s becoming a tweenager now.

Definitely! She’s in that in-between stage of being a kid and a teenager.