What does Tweeple mean on Twitter?

People on Twitter

Ever wondered about the term ‘Tweeple’? It’s an interesting word that is used to describe people on Twitter. In other words, it’s a quicker way to say “Twitter users” or “users on Twitter.”

This term is somewhat like ‘Tweeps’ but carries a more formal tone. The beauty of ‘Tweeple’ is that it applies to everyone. It does not differentiate or segregate among users.

So next time you’re on Twitter, remember that you are part of the ‘Tweeple’ – a large, diverse community of users who share, discuss and engage on this popular social media platform.

Example for using ‘Tweeple’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you seen the latest tweet from that celebrity?

No, what did they say?

They thanked all their Tweeple for the support!

Tweeple? What’s that?

It’s a term for people on Twitter. Like a shortcut for “Twitter people.”

Oh, got it! So, it’s just another word for Twitter users?

Exactly! It’s a more formal alternative to “Tweeps.” It includes everyone on Twitter, no segregation allowed.