What does it mean?

Friends on Twitter

Tweeps is a cool way of talking about people on Twitter. This slang term is used to describe all Twitter users in general. It could also mean the network of followers and friends that a person has on Twitter.

The term is a combination of Twitter and peeps, which is another slang term for friends or people. By merging these two words together, the term ‘Tweeps’ was born. So, when someone uses this term, they’re referring to their Twitter friends or the Twitter community as a whole.

So, next time you’re on Twitter and you see someone use the term ‘Tweeps’, you now know what they mean. They’re just talking about their Twitter friends or the entire Twitter user community. That’s the fun part of social media – the evolution of language and the creation of new words.

Example for using ‘Tweeps’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen the latest tweet from that celebrity?

Yeah, my Tweeps were all talking about it. It went viral!

Wow, your Tweeps really stay up-to-date with all the Twitter buzz.

Definitely! I love connecting with my Tweeps and sharing interesting stuff.