What does Tweetsult mean?

A nasty comment on Twitter

Imagine you’re scrolling through Twitter and come across a heated exchange between two famous sports stars. They’re not just arguing, but throwing insults at each other. This is what you call a Tweetsult. It’s a blend of ‘tweet’ and ‘insult’.

Tweetsults are not limited to celebrities, politicians, or athletes. Everyday Twitter users also engage in this. The severity of these tweetsults can vary – some are petty and humorous, while others deal with more serious issues.

Be it a spat between Hollywood stars or a war of words between politicians, tweetsults are a common sight on Twitter. It’s a modern-day way of expressing displeasure or disagreement, all within the confines of a tweet.

So, next time you see people throwing verbal jabs at each other on Twitter, you’ll know what to call it. That’s right, it’s a good old tweetsult.

Example for using ‘Tweetsult’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that tweetsult between those two actors?

Yeah, it was brutal! They really went at each other on Twitter.

I know, right? I can’t believe they said those things in public.

I guess they couldn’t resist taking shots at each other online.