What does TWIT stand for?

That’s what I thought

When someone sends you “TWIT,” it usually means “That’s What I Thought”. It’s a common slang term used in texting or online messaging to show that your assumption or guess was right all along.

For instance, if you had a suspicion that Mike left Sarah and your friend confirms it, you could simply reply with “TWIT.” It’s a way of saying, I knew it! without actually spelling it out.

However, it’s not always used in a friendly context. Sometimes, people throw it out there like a final stinging comment after a heated argument or a shocking revelation. Imagine you accuse your girlfriend of lying to you and she doesn’t respond – you might text her “TWIT” as a way of saying, See, I knew you couldn’t deny it!

But be careful with using “twit” because it also has a different slang meaning – a silly or foolish person. So, depending on the situation, the person you’re messaging might take it as an insult instead of understanding the acronym.

Example for using ‘TWIT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new movie coming out next week?

Yeah, I saw the trailer. It looks amazing!

TWIT! I knew you’d be excited about it!

Haha, you know me too well!