What does it mean?

Twitter’s universe

Twittersphere is a slang term that basically represents the entire world of Twitter. This includes all the users, commonly referred to as tweeple, and their tweets. It’s a mashup of the words ‘Twitter’ and ‘sphere’.

It’s a term that’s often thrown around when talking about how a particular event or meme exploded in popularity on Twitter. In other words, when something goes viral within the Twitter community, it’s said to have taken over the Twittersphere.

You might also come across the term ‘Twitterverse’. Don’t get confused, it’s just another way of saying Twittersphere. Both terms mean exactly the same thing, they represent the universe of Twitter, filled with tweets and conversations.

Example for using ‘Twittersphere’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that viral video on Twitter?

Yeah, it was all over the Twittersphere!

I know, right? It got thousands of retweets!

That’s the power of the Twittersphere. Things spread so quickly!