What does TWSB stand for?

This website sucks b***s

Ever come across frustrated online users using the acronym TWSB? This is a common slang often seen on social media and forum posts. It’s generally used by those who are not happy with a certain website or online platform.

Let’s say, for instance, a disgruntled Facebook user posts, “TWSB since Bill took the reins.” This would mean the user feels Facebook has become worse since Bill Gates assumed ownership.

So, whenever you see TWSB being used, you know it’s an expression of dissatisfaction with a website or an online platform. It’s a way for users to voice their frustration and share their opinion about the quality or state of a site.

Example for using ‘TWSB’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Did you see the new update on that forum we use?

Friend 2: Yeah, TWSB! It’s so hard to navigate now.

Friend 1: I know, right? It used to be so much simpler.

Friend 2: Totally. TWSB since they made these changes.