What does Txtin mean?

‘Txtin’ is slang for ‘Texting’

When you’re in a rush and need to save time, you might use abbreviations like ‘txtin’. You could say, “Just txtin to tell you I’ll b late.”

‘Txtin’ popped up in the early-2000s. This was a time when texting got more popular because of mobile phones.

But, there’s a debate about this abbreviation. It only cuts out 2 letters – “e” and “g”. So, some folks think it doesn’t really save much time. They also believe it might cause confusion.

Example for using ‘Txtin’ in a conversation

Hey! Txtin to see if you wanna grab lunch today? πŸ”

Sure! Where do you wanna go? πŸ•

How about that new burger place? Heard it’s amazing! πŸ”

Sounds good! What time should we meet? ⌚