Ugly Cry

What does Ugly Cry mean?

Crying in a not so pretty way

When someone bursts into an “ugly cry”, they’re letting out their emotions in a way that’s not exactly pleasing to the eye. It’s when you’re so overwhelmed, your tears don’t care about looking pretty. They’re raw, real and sometimes, a little gross.

The term ugly cry doesn’t just mean crying. It means crying so hard that your face gets all twisted and contorted. Your nose might run, and your mascara (if you’re wearing any) might streak down your face, giving you a raccoon-like appearance. You might even make loud sobbing noises that could remind someone of a lost soul howling in the night (think of Michael Scott from “The Office”).

But ugly cries aren’t about being funny or dramatic. They’re about intense feelings. The kind of feelings that make you forget about how you look. You might ugly cry when you’re really happy, like when your favorite team wins the championship. But more often, ugly cries happen during sad or stressful times. Like when a beloved family member passes away, your pet dies, a character you love gets killed off in a TV show (remember the Red Wedding in “Game of Thrones”?), or if you’re pregnant and just got overwhelmed by…well, pretty much anything.

So, if you’ve ever had an ugly cry, don’t be embarrassed. It just means you were feeling some really strong emotions. And that’s never a bad thing. It shows you’re human and you’re not afraid to let it all out. Just remember to have some tissues handy!

Example for using ‘Ugly Cry’ in a conversation

I just watched that movie you recommended, and I ugly cried so hard during the ending. 😭

Oh no! Did it make you feel better or worse? 😒

Definitely worse, but sometimes a good ugly cry is necessary to let it all out. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I totally get it. Ugly crying can be oddly therapeutic. Let me know if you need a virtual hug. πŸ€—