What does Uncrtn mean?

Uncrtn is slang for Uncertain

When someone uses the slang ‘Uncrtn’, they’re indicating that they’re indecisive or unsure about something. It’s a quick and easy way to express doubt or hesitation about an idea or decision.

People who often rely on others to make decisions may frequently use this term. It’s basically a shorthand method of deferring to someone else’s judgement or opinion.

So, next time when you see ‘Uncrtn’, remember that it’s just a way of saying ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘I can’t decide’. It’s a common term among those who find it hard to make up their minds.

Example for using ‘Uncrtn’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out this weekend?

Hmm… uncrtn πŸ€” I have some plans, but I’m not sure if they’re confirmed yet.

No worries! Let me know when you figure it out. 😊

Sure thing! I’ll keep you posted. πŸ‘