What does Undies mean?

‘Undies’ is another word for ‘Underwear’

If you’ve ever heard someone refer to undies, they’re talking about underwear. It’s a term that’s often used in a playful or childlike context. It’s thought that it first came into use in 1906.

Interestingly, the term undies was initially used to talk about women’s underwear. Today, it’s used a lot more broadly. It can refer to children’s underwear, regardless of whether it’s for a boy or a girl.

And it’s not just for kids. Adults can also use the term undies to talk about their own underwear. It’s a fun and casual term, so it’s perfect for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Example for using ‘Undies’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that cute kid at the park today?

Yes, the one with the dinosaur undies? So adorable! πŸ¦–

Haha, yes! Who knew undies could be so cool?

I know, right? Undies are not just for kids anymore. Even adults wear funky ones! πŸ˜„