What does Undroppable mean in fantasy sports?

A player you can’t kick off your dream team

When you hear the term ‘Undroppable’ in the world of fantasy sports, it refers to a player who is too talented and valuable to be dropped from a team. This tag is only removed if the player is severely injured (placed on IR) or their performance drastically declines.

The primary purpose of the ‘Undroppable’ tag is to maintain a fair and competitive environment in the league. It stops team owners from scheming with rivals by dropping key players, making them available for others to pick up.

Remember, the ‘Undroppable’ label is not permanent. It’s removed if a player’s value decreases substantially due to poor play or an injury. This ensures every player in the league is evaluated based on their current performance and not past reputation.

Example for using ‘Undroppable’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that I dropped Tom from my fantasy team?

Wait, you dropped Tom? I thought he was undroppable!

Yeah, normally he is, but he got injured and is out for the rest of the season.

Oh, I see. So, he lost his undroppable status because of the injury?

Exactly. If a player gets injured and is placed on IR, they can be dropped from the team.