What does Uninstall mean in online gaming?

Uninstall means Quit

Online gamers often use the term ‘Uninstall’ to suggest someone should quit a game because they’re not playing well. It’s a pretty harsh thing to say, but it’s common in the competitive world of gaming.

Typically, you’ll see this term pop up at the end of a game. Let’s say, for example, a player just crushed their opponent in a game of Dota 2. They might type “uninstall” into the chat to suggest their opponent is so bad, they should just delete the game from their computer.

This term might also appear when a player refuses to admit defeat. In online games, it’s common courtesy to type “GG” (short for “good game”) and surrender when you’ve clearly lost. So, if a player refuses to type “GG” and doesn’t quit when they’re obviously beaten, someone might tell them to “uninstall”.

Example for using ‘Uninstall’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that last match in Call of Duty? It was intense!

Yeah, I was playing too. That one player was really bad.

I know, right? I totally dominated them. They should just uninstall the game.

Haha, yeah! They were so terrible, it’s not even funny.