What does Unlightening mean?

Telling someone stuff that makes them less smart, that’s ‘Unlightening’

Unlightening basically means the exact opposite of enlightening. If something is enlightening, it makes you smarter or more aware. But if it’s unlightening, it’s something that actually makes you feel dumber. It’s like absorbing information that takes away from your knowledge instead of adding to it.

Commonly, you’ll find unlightening content in places like gossip magazines, reality shows, and sports talk shows. These are sources that are filled with information that might be entertaining, but aren’t exactly going to make you smarter.

So remember, next time you’re flicking through a gossip magazine or tuning into a reality show, you might be indulging in something that’s unlightening. It’s a fun way to pass the time, but don’t expect to learn anything valuable!

Example for using ‘Unlightening’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you heard about that new reality show everyone’s talking about?

Yeah, I’ve heard of it. But honestly, I find those shows to be quite unlightening.

I know, right? They just focus on drama and gossip. It’s not really informative or helpful.

Exactly! I prefer watching something that actually adds value and knowledge.