Unspoken Rizz

What does Unspoken Rizz mean?

Nonverbal charm

Imagine someone looking so good or behaving in such a way that they attract attention without saying a word. That’s what we call Unspoken Rizz. It’s all about the charm one carries, their physical appearance, or the lifestyle vibes they give off.

The concept of rizz was brought to life by a notable internet personality, let’s call him Jake Smith. The initial idea of rizz was to explain a man’s prowess in winning over women. But Jake took it a notch higher by introducing the term ‘unspoken rizz’. This term emphasized a man’s capability to draw women towards him without uttering a single word or making any obvious efforts.

Soon, a trend sparked on the popular social media platform, TikTok. Users started posting videos showcasing their unspoken rizz. They would subtly display their charm around women, without them even realizing it. These videos became a sort of competition, where viewers would grade the unspoken rizz. They would use the letter ‘W’ to signify a win, meaning the charm worked. On the other hand, ‘L’ was used to indicate a loss, meaning the charm didn’t work.

However, it’s important to note that while some of these unspoken rizz demonstrations seem real, a good number of them are just scripted performances. But regardless, they provide an entertaining way for users to show off their unspoken rizz.

Example for using ‘Unspoken Rizz’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy at the party last night?

Yeah, he had some serious unspoken rizz!

Totally! He didn’t even say much, but he had everyone’s attention.

Exactly! It’s like he had this nonverbal charm that just drew people in.