What does Uok mean?

You OK?

When you see ‘Uok’, it’s a shorthand way people use to ask “You OK?” It’s a common term used in text or online conversations when someone wants to check on your well-being. For instance, if you’ve just broken up with your partner and you tell your closest friend about it, they might text back saying “uok?” Even though you’re probably not okay, it’s their way of starting a dialogue about it.

Not only is ‘uok’ used in emotionally charged situations, it’s also used for simple, everyday questions. Say, for example, “uok with having tacos for dinner?” or “uok if Lisa drops by later?” These are straightforward questions that shouldn’t be as hard to answer as if someone was asking “uok?” on its own.

Example for using ‘Uok’ in a conversation

Hey, just had a fight with my roommate 😑

uok? 😳

Not really, it’s so frustrating. I’m thinking of moving out. 🏠

uok with finding a new place? πŸ€”