What does URI stand for?

Uniform Resource Identifier

URI, or uniform resource identifier, is a term used in the world of Information Technology. It’s a standard way for computers to reach out to resources, whether they’re on the internet or a different network.

The URI is made up of a unique series of characters. This specific combination is what helps identify the name and the location of a file or resource. It’s like a map that leads computers directly to the information they need.

To put it simply, a URI is like a digital address. Just like your home address helps people find where you live, a URI helps computers locate resources on a network. So next time you hear someone mention a URI, you’ll know they’re talking about a unique identifier used to find files or resources online.

Example for using ‘URI’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of URI?

Yeah, it stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.

What does that mean exactly?

It’s a way for computers to access files or resources on the web or network.